Client Love

My Heart is full

At the end of EVERY session with my clients, my heart feels so expanded and I am left feeling absolute awe!

Firstly, for the way my clients honour themselves by just showing up!


Such courage!! 


Secondly, because of their willingness to be vulnerable and safe enough to trust that we can explore where they’re at and that they’re willing to shift and take responsibility for what has been and what is coming!

Lastly, because I get to behold something magical EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Because each session I have the PRIVILEGE of witnessing powerful transformations as my clients begin to take back their power, start to believe in themselves and in their instincts and leave feeling empowered by their reconnection to themselves!

This energy shift never ever ceases to AMAZE me!!

I love my clients and I get just as much from their sessions as they do!


The gratitude they feel for the work we do together is mutual.

From my heart to yours

Bryd x 


Wow! Where do I begin??

walked in cold, insecure, unsure myself and where I was headed and left feeling warm, giddy + excited for future self.

What a beautiful and uplifting time it truly was to be reflecting with you I can't thank you enough for giving me that safe + sacred space to open up and vent all my uglies. You made me feel so comfortable; accepted, and worthy. Thank you for filling me up with truth and light. 

This list is Fab and have been working on things slowly.

I bought a journal and have already started writing my thoughts down...
So so relieving 

Can't wait to catch up again with you soon. You have been a breath of fresh air in my life dear Brydie


Thank you my precious Brydie!

I felt like a mess when I walked through the door.

I was unsure of what my future would hold after my divorce and how I would even begin to get myself back on track.

I am realising through our sessions that in forgetting who I am and by trying to make everyone else happy, I have unknowingly given my power away. I am loving finding myself again but most of all I am loving the awareness I am developing of myself and this feeling of trusting myself again. I am a different person today and I am loving the seeds I am planting for my future self.

I love the way you nurture me, your wisdom and your words.

I know you LOVE plants so this is how I wanted to show a little bit of appreciation for who you are and what you’re helping me with


Brydie is the most beautiful soul! 

This women is truely amazing in every way. I have now had 3 sessions with Brydie and this gorgeous woman is Changing my life.

I was feeling weak, powerless scattered and unsure of a lot of things happening in my life when I had my first session. After just 3 sessions I now feel like a totally different person. Brydie has already got me back into my powerful self again!! She had guided me, answered all my question with love, made me understand that all the feelings I feel are real and to use them as guidance and to breathe.

Brydie I can’t thank you enough, you are so amazing and have the biggest heart


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