Let me tell you WHY! 

I have walked through the fiery initiations of:

Domestic violence


Life-threatening pregnancies

Chronic illness

Complete crumbling of my foundations


Single mummahood

Completely rebuilding my relationship with myself Pheonix style baby!

A new marriage and blended family.

HUGE, huh!? I know! 


Now, there are so many stories connected to these initiations. But they are not important. 


Rather, what is important, is the way we deal with our pasts, our stories, our inner world. Because these are what determine the ways in which we CREATE, LOVE, LIVE, PARENT, CONNECT, LEAD, SUCCEED. 


And let me tell you, the stories connected to my initiations could have shaped my inner world and my relationships VERY differently to the way they have!

Where did I begin?


I had to find my WHY!


My reason to stop myself from turning away from the pain and sweeping it under the carpet. My reason to not be completely consumed and defined by what had come before me and through me.


My WHY was to show up for ME! For my BOYS!


To do this, I had to stop feeling what I thought I was supposed to be feeling and start feeling what I was feeling. I had to lean into the pain and the discomfort. 


I had to show up authentically to the grief and pain and recognise it was mine to own. I co-created it all and now it was mine to heal!

I had to RESCUE ME! 


I had to learn that I was not defined by my past and my stories. That I had a choice in how I would shape my inner world, not the past and not the stories. I wanted to take my power back, I wanted to define me, reshape my inner world so I could recreate the outer! 


My WHY meant, and still means, that I wanted to keep my heart open so that I could come into awareness and move away from judgement and blame.


I could take full self-responsibility to powerfully CREATE the way I LOVE, LIVE, PARENT, CONNECT, LEAD, SUCCEED and choose to be whom I am in any given moment, no matter what was happening around me.  


And I LIVE and BREATHE this every day!! 


All that I have walked through, because of my WHY, is now WHY I can show up for YOU!  and I LOVE showing up for YOU because I know the journey and I know the freedom from the growth!


Even though your stories, your past, may currently be defining your inner world, it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.


Let’s find out your WHY!


Let’s get you showing up authentically to it!


You can take your power back from the way your past, your stories and the inner world have defined you!


You can choose the way you authentically and powerfully CREATE the way you LOVE, LIVE, PARENT, CONNECT, LEAD, SUCCEED no matter what is happening in your world.  

From my heart to yours 

Bryd x 


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